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Food is where we start! Our nutrition program provides each family with a monthly supplement of food. Typically the food supplement will include posho and beans distributed twice each month. With favorable food pricing, the families will also receive a vegetable too. The cost to feed each family through the month is $80.00 USD. 


Education assistance is provided in the form of school sponsorships. Children and teenagers whose family is cared for in the nutrition program, can receive monthly sponsorships to attend a local schools. These sponsorships provide students with a school uniform, supplies, shoes, and lunch while attending. For students attending secondary school, we can offer boarding school as an option provided sponsors can accommodate the additional expense. The cost to sponsor each child is $35.00 USD per month. DMI currently has 60 children attending school.


Many of the families in our program suffer from various acute and long term medical ailments. DMI works with each family to assess the needs as they arise and provide funds for medicine, doctor's visits and therapy. 


Many of the families rent meager accommodations that here in America, would amount to one bedroom. An entire family may live in just one small room. Often the mother's posses family land that has been passed  down to them through their husbands. Most cannot afford to build a home on the land they own. DMI continues to seek your support to provide these families the opportunity to build a home and live rent free.