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Reflections from Gene

Gene Harvey just returned from Jinja last week. Check out a few highlights from the trip.

Well, it’s my fifth trip to Uganda with, as you would expect, a variety of reflections. Those reflections, memories, etc. revolve around interactions with some special people we met and appreciated and were impacted by. For those who know Jane I fondly recall watching her standing up and leading our ladies in a song during our ladies dinner. Then when we delivered the six mattresses to Josephine’s home, I was emotionally struck when she wrapped herself in my arms crying in appreciation of the much-needed mattresses. Next there was a lady we met while waiting in line at the bank to pay school fees. Although it took a long time for Pat to complete the transaction, the lady behind us began joking and ultimately leaning against me and finally lying down on the floor all the while seemingly enjoying the experience. It’s kind of hard to have fun paying school fees but this was a positive reflection. I fondly remember the relationship we established with Oscar and Ben, the two hotel managers where we stayed. For the most part our stay was positive but there were a few testing times centered around the the ladies dinner which was served at the hotel. All ended well as we discussed “How’s Trump doing?” or their remembering and talking about Obama and when Ben tried to teach me how cricket is played. As usual time spent with Pastor Godfrey is always enjoyable. He is remarkably patient as he safely drives us in and among the endless numbers of boda bodas (motorcycles) and other traffic challenges. One day as just he and I were driving along sharing several laughs he reached over, touched me and said “You are my best friend”.  I realize he must have many best friends but I choked up and truly was at a loss for words. What a special friend we are privileged to have as our pastor in Uganda. As the time in our trip wound down, I shared with Pastor Godfrey the title of a song my son, Brian, had written called “How Can I Miss You If You Never Leave”.  Since Godfrey and Pauline were returning to the United States with us, he and I agreed that we wouldn’t need to sing that song.


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