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Annette's Roof

Updated: May 21, 2018

Over the last year we have taken an interest in making sure that each of our family's living conditions is sufficient and conducive to healthy living. Many in our care suffer from ongoing medical needs and, like all families, unexpected needs seem to come at the most un-opportune times. We thought we'd share this encouraging story from one of the widows in our care.

"A distant relative of hers heard she was building. They came by to check it out. When they saw it had no roof, they told her to get the roof installed so not to ruin the bricks on the house. She told them she would do that, but had little (not enough) money. The relative asked how much would it take, he could loan her the money.   She was reluctant to give an amount not knowing if a big  amount would "scare him off" or if a too small amount would not be enough.   So instead, he came with an amount. Annette had the roof installed, what the relative agreed to loan was sufficient.  Then ...he insisted that it was no longer a loan, the money was gift to her. She has a roof and it's paid for, hallelujah!!!!! She was giving praise to God today."

Dragonfly enlisted donors to assist with the homes of our families at last year's Hope for Jinja banquet and those projects are on going. If you'd like to learn more email info@dmionline.org

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