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Jinja, Uganda Trip May 2018

Updated: May 23, 2018

Pat Jarboe just returned from Jinja last week. Here is a trip update.

Like a friend of mine answers each time I ask how did his trip go, "greatest trip ever" is his answer.  He's been on about 50 mission trips...  For me, this was the "greatest trip ever"....have no idea where to start....  Dragonfly Mission International (DMI) has a unique approach to missions.  DMI has focused on 18 families for the last 8 -9 years, 18 ladies with no husbands and among them 70+ children and grandchildren.  Some work in the market selling juice, cassava, 2nd hand clothing, whatever it takes to eek out a living.  A few of them have jobs, teaching, security work and cleaning for various businesses. The well being of these ladies and their families, spiritually, physically and emotionally is DMI's purpose.   

Ok, back to the trip,,, it began with attending Victory Family Life Center worship service.  If you've never been to a African worship service, you should.  The worship team is on it's knees praising Jesus, when it time for personal prayer it's not done in silence,  people pray out loud, they pace the aisles showing their intensity of prayer. And the preaching is extraordinarily powerful... whew,,, I can sense the Holy Spirit just telling you about it..

That evening at worship, Akello Racheal, Josephine's daughter, came to me and whispered, Patreecia,, I don't have a mattress to sleep on, could you help me?  After 2 - 3 emails back and forth with the DMI board, it was decided to give the entire family new mattresses, Yahoo!  I told Josie, we'd be at her home with mattresses next day, so be ready.  They told me later they were so excited, they had been up most of the night cleaning and preparing.  We arrived with mattresses loaded on a boda boda, new pillows and bed linens in the car.  It was a tearful, joyous day.

Another evening; dinner, trivial pursuit and bingo with the ladies.  It was a blast!! Most of the ladies had not played bingo before so just explaining the game was a hoot.  Prizes of money, garden hoes, jerry cans, mosquito nets, bags of sugar..everyone walked away with something. 

Sunday everyone came to church dressed in traditional attire,,, it was beautiful!! All the colorful dresses, the men in their suits.  Smart, smart, smart. There were so many other wonderful events on this trip, I could go on and on.  Next post  :)  If you have never been on a trip to Jinja Uganda with DMI, you should definitely consider it,,,it will change your life forever. The continually growing relationship between the ladies, their families and DMI is only happening thru God's hands, He leads the way and is totally in charge.   We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

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