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How We Started

Written by: Kathy Cernero Posted on: November 5, 2016 Blog: Updates

We made our first trip to Uganda in 2008 after the Lord began to open my eyes to the horrendous disaster that AIDs had left in its path as it made its way across the continent of Africa. I was overwhelmed with the thought of child-headed households. As a mother, I kept thinking if they were my children, I hope someone would care enough to come and help them.

My heart was broken on that first trip, but God used the brokenness to stretch and open my heart for His purpose. Having been to other third world countries, I understood poverty but never like this. This was different; this was also a poverty of hope, and it tore at my heart.

Each night as I climbed into bed, I would cry out to my Father seeking what I could possibly do: I don’t have anything, and I’m not a wealthy woman. But during the course of my time in Uganda, God began to speak to me. First I realized that I was there because He was revealing just a glimpse of what He see’s every day. People, children starving from hunger, begging for love, dying from AIDS, being sickened from drinking contaminated water. Secondly, He let me know that I did have something to give: HOPE. I could bring hope to widows and single moms and their children. Hope in Christ Jesus, a hope that they have not been forgotten. God sees them, knows them by name, and loves them; He cares about their every need. What I felt on the first trip, I prayed that He will never let me forget. So our mission is to bring hope to single moms, widows, and their children. Why? Because in doing so, I have seen Jesus and experienced His love and grace and mercy in ways I cannot begin to express in words.

2008 Trip

The relationships that have grown out of our going to Uganda grow deeper with each trip. The ladies in our program are growing in confidence, becoming emotionally and spiritually healthier. Many are beginning financial endeavors of their own so they can take care of their families. Some of the ladies that were so sick when we first arrived are now stronger, able to work.

This is what God does. He calls someone from one part of the world and asks, “Will you go?” For those who say “yes”, God shows just how big and far reaching His love is for His children. Be ready because, as Kay Warren says, you will be “Gloriously Ruined.”